Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh Exhibit at the Sewickley

Opening of EyesCircle Tunnel‘Jud’ by Judy Melvin‘Harp’ by Judy Melvin‘Picasso’ by Judy Melvin‘Rilke’ by Judy Melvinsewickley-exhibit001.jpgsewickley-exhibit002.jpgsewickley-exhibit003.jpgsewickley-exhibit004.jpgsewickley-exhibit005.jpgsewickley-exhibit006.jpgsewickley-exhibit007.jpgsewickley-exhibit008.jpg

Art work by Nadine Reposkey


5 Responses to Gallery

  1. Mary Lou Engle says:

    I am looking for a Calligraphy teacher for my 17 yr old Step Daughter. I see that no workshops are available at this time. However, if you know of anybody that would give private lessons to her, I would appreciate the information.

    Thank you,

    Mary Lou Engle

  2. Mary Lou – is this for “calligraphy” or for “cursive handwriting”? Just wondering, since I recently had a request for calligraphy lessons which turned out to be cursive handwriting. Yeah, there’s a difference…at least for me. So, let me know. I can teach calligraphy. Perhaps she has friends or family who want to learn too? It is always more fun with more than one. Also, have you checked out the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts? Great calligraphy classes there.

  3. Karen Roberts says:

    Hello Mary Lou – I recently taught a group of young women a Creative Lettering class which turned out to be a lot of fun because they did a variety of lettering styles. Each girl started with her own ability and grew from there depending on what she wanted to accomplish.

    If you would like to discuss what your step-daughter is interested in learning, please contact my email (listed above).

    Karen Roberts

  4. Tyler Bowser says:

    Hello, I am considering joining the guild. I am 16, and I have been practicing calligraphy, mainly blackletter and gothic styles, for approximately nine months now. I was wondering if there was perhaps a chance at there being video lessons, as I am two hours north of Pittsburgh, and this is the closest guild. If this is not possible, I understand. I may be able to come to some lessons, provided they are on the weekends. Also, is there going to be a copperplate/Spencerian class any time in the near future? I feel I need more work on those two especially. If not, I am also interested in Celtic versals. Overall, I love the nostalgia calligraphy brings, and would love to be among others that do also. Thank you.

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