Workshop: Dancin’ Pen by Carrie Imai

“Dancin’ Pen” was born from my book of the same name. It’s my funky twist on the
Italic alphabet. It all started with the Bone alphabet and pen manipulation and then ran amok into all my other alphabets. I have also drawn inspiration from my Italic Variations class, which analyzes each component part of the alphabet and then stretches each component to its limit to create new, expressive alphabets. Alphabets should not need labels, but should serve to convey emotion and the feeling you get when you read a piece of words that moves you. You need to be able to write letters that says what you feel.

This class will give you the tools to morph your Italic alphabet into an unlimited number of new forms for your use. It will free you from the “rules.” So come step out of the box and express yourself. You will surprise yourself with the most exciting letterforms you’ve ever made!

Pen manipulation and “dancing with my pen” has become my signature. This class uses that skill to the max. I’d like the students in this class to see what the possibilities are for expanding their basic scripts and be able to create expressive and innovative new alphabets. They will learn the skill of manipulating their pen, which can be applied to any alphabet to put new “life” into their letters. It is a real trip into freedom and learning how to dance with your pen. There will be a lot of “aha’s”.

NOTE: Some experience with a broad-edged pen is necessary for this workshop.

Visit Carrie’s website for images of her work.

Saturday, June 4 – Sunday, June 5, 2016
9:30 AM – 5 PM
203 Margaret Morrison Hall, CMU
Fees: $125, Guild member, $150, non-member

Registration/payment deadline, Friday, May 20, 2016. Listing of tools and supplies will be sent to paid registrants. Workshop price includes cost of bound book of handouts, pen preparation kit and weird and wonderful writing tools.

With the June workshop CGP is offering the option of electronic registration and
payment. Members: check your email for guild member discount code.

If you prefer to send a check, please complete the Workshop Registration Form and
return with your check payable to Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh before the

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