The Elements of Contemporary Pointed Pen

Join us for the guild’s first Pointed Pen Study Group and review the elements of contemporary pointed pen. Explore how a change of slope, weight, baseline, and entry and exit strokes can change the character of your traditional copperplate lettering.

We will also discuss future topics the group would like to explore, such as metallic media, light on dark, chalkboard, brush lettering, handmade cards, envelopes, and wedding paraphernalia.

Beginner to advanced welcome. However, beginners should have some experience writing with a pointed nib. (If you are brand new to the pointed nib but would like to learn, please reply and we will look into offering a beginner class.)


  • Pointed nibs of your choice, such as Nikko G, Zebra G or Leonard Principal
  • Straight or adjustable oblique pen holder of your choice
  • Sumi ink (Moon Palace or Best Brown Bottle are good inks) or black Winsor & Newton gouache
  • Smooth paper suitable for pointed pen writing, such as practice papers:
    • Borden & Riley #37
    • Boris layout
    • B&R Cotton Comp
    • B&R Marker Layout
    • Canson Pro Layout
  • Small containers for ink or gouache
  • Small container for water
  • Cloth to wipe nib
  • Pencil, preferably a mechanical pencil – 0.5 or .7 mm leads
  • Ruler
  • Triangle or a T-square
  • Eraser


  • Other colors of Winsor & Newton gouache

The supplies are available through Paper and Ink Arts and John Neal Bookseller online. Some items such as basic art supplies and Borden & Riley paper are available at Artists and Craftsman in Squirrel Hill, CMU Art Store, or Pat Catan’s.

*Guild member paid dues for 2015–16 year

Sunday, October 18, 2–4 PM
Location: 203 Margaret Morrison, CMU
Fee: Free to Guild members*; $10 for non-Guild members
RSVP: by Friday, October 9, 2015

Contemporary Pointed Pen brochure

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