WORKSHOP: The Beautiful and Versatile Pointed Pen

Example of a contemporary pointed pen styleEver wanted to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy with gorgeous swells and flourishes? Those marks are created by the pointed pen. The Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh will be hosting a one-day workshop for those brand new or relatively new to the pointed pen. At the workshop, you will familiarize yourself with the pen’s capabilities and the right supplies to help you be successful. You will be introduced to a contemporary lettering style used for weddings and other social events to get you started on your journey into pointed pen lettering.

Getting Started Kit (included):

Oblique pen holder, pointed nibs, sumi ink, paper for pen and ink, and small dipping containers designed for the pointed pen. Please note, there are a variety of supplies on the market and not all work as well as others—the supplies you will be provided are tried-and-true for the best results.

Supplies to Bring with You:

  • water container
  • pencil
  • ruler (t-square or C-Thru ruler optional)
  • brown bag lunch

Instructor: Myrna Rosen

photo of Myrna RosenMyrna Rosen, president of the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh and calligraphy instructor at Carnegie Mellon University‘s School of Design and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, is a nationally-renown calligrapher who is a master of pointed pen calligraphy. Additionally, she is known for her historic lettering styles and restoration of the benefactors’ tablets in the Duquesne University chapel. Her work has appeared in national exhibits, calligraphy instruction books, and art journals. She has beautified countless weddings and other special events with her calligraphic lettering.

​​​Sunday, February 22, 2015
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location:​​ 203 Margaret Morrison Building, CMU
Cost:​​​ $85 Guild member ​​​​​​​
$90 Non-member Includes class and Getting Started Kit

Pointed Pen workshop registration

Please register by February 10, 2015

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