Workshop: Versal Letter Studies—Thomas Ingmire

October 25–26, 2014
10 AM–5 PM
203 Margaret Morrison, CMU
Fee: $125 for Guild members;
$145 for non- members

Versal is a term coined in the 20th century that refers to a broad variety of both historic and contemporary majuscule letter forms. In early manuscripts these letters with hairline serifs were often large, decorated in various colors, and used to designate the beginnings of verses- thus the origin of the name. The contemporary forms are generally sans-serif and used informally in textural presentations of words. The characteristic common to all the various forms lies with their construction. The letters, comprised of compound strokes, are as much drawn as they are written.

This program will consist of three parts:

  1. The study of the classical Versal letters that were characteristic of the 11th and 12th century Caroline manuscripts;
  2. The development of a modern Versal alphabet. We will examine the lively capital letters in works by David Jones, Ann Hechle, Donald Jackson, and others as a basis for working towards the creation, by each student, of their own personal alphabet; and
  3. The exploration of design ideas and themes related to the use.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, October 10, 2014

No registrations accepted without a $50 deposit or full payment

Registration form and brochure [.pdf]

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