Japanese Calligraphy Workshop & Lecture by Master Ritsuko Takaoka

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
1:00 pm., 3:00 pm., & 5:30 pm.
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main (Oakland),
Classroom A 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213

Limited seating; please register through friends@carnegiejapanese.org

Master Ritsuko Takaoka, a Japanese calligraphy artist based in Fujisawa City of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, uses a long calligraphy brush and large Japanese paper when she performs. It is a signature calligraphy style of Sogen Shodo Kai, a group of well-known calligraphy artists in Japan. The group is also known as the main contributors of Nitten, the most popular of all major art organizations in Japan.

Under the direction of Sogen Shodo Kai Master Seido Taoka, one of the former Nitten judges, Master Ritsuko Takaoka has learned a wide range of writing performances. Currently she is teaching at a private 6-12 school, has her own calligraphy classes, collaborates with others and offers workshops and performances. She has also traveled abroad with Master Taoka and has given performances and workshops in several countries including China, Italy, Germany and Turkey. In June 2010, Master Taoka received an award at Mainichi Shodo Kai Honoring Ceremony for his contributions to introducing the beauty of calligraphy art to worldwide.

This workshop is FREE. But, we would greatly appreciate a donation. We organized this event to raise fund for improving the Japanese language collection at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Your donation at the workshop will be of great help to the project. Your donation will be used in three ways.

33% of funds raised at the event will go to the Bridge to Japan/Friends of Library at the CPL-Main. In order to help the CLP’s efforts to overcome a financial crisis, we joined the friends of CPL-Main and proposed a project to improve the Japanese language collection and support cultural events. The project is called “Bridge to Japan,” which originated from one of Pittsburgh’s nicknames, “The City of Bridges.” This campaign intends to build an imaginary bridge from Pittsburgh to Japan, which will grow as donation increases.

Another 33% will be given to the Purposeful Penny, a university-certified student charity organization at the University of Pittsburgh. The Purposeful Penny is engaged in raising funds for educational development in third-world countries (this year for orphans in Uganda). The students will host Master Ritsuko Takaoka’s performance at Lower Lounge of William Pitt Union on Friday, June 3rd.

The rest will be donated to a charity for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Currently we are thinking about the Brother’s Brother Foundation which, based in Pittsburgh, has ranked as one of the best charitable organizations in the United States by the Forbes Magazine. Administrative and operating costs are less than 1 percent of the value of received donations.

Questions? Contact Kazuyo Good at kak93@pitt.edu(412) 648-7685 or John Knox at friends@carnegiejapanese.org

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