Ohio calligraphy retreat

If you want a calligraphy conference closer to home, check this out.

Silent Words Retreat

Sunday June 5 to Thursday June 9, 2011
Bergamo Retreat Center, 4400 Shakertown Road, Dayton, Ohio

The main idea of the Retreat is “Silent Words” (Can you hear me now?). In other words, just the words on paper are basically silent, but if we put our soul into it others can hear the music. Like The St. John’s Bible that actually sings to many of us, our calligraphy could sing, shout, whisper, & really inspire those who are “listening” and not just “seeing”. You’ve heard the phrase “Do you SEE what I’m saying”… No I don’t see it, but hear it. In the reverse, we want our words (that people see) to evoke an audio response; thru color, vibrancy, layering, etc.

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