I’ve started an art blog!

Hello Friends, As part of my on-going efforts to market my artwork online, I’ve started a blog: http://collagitation.blogspot.com/

“Collagitation” is the name of my future online stores on Etsy and Cafe Press. These are definitely works in progress, as is the blog. I started one because it is a good networking tool, almost a prerequisite for selling art online these days.

That being said, I would be much obliged if you’d sign up to follow it, if you are so inclined. Other artists and art followers like to link to blogs that have a following, so their site/blog is exposed to people visiting the blog. I don’t write a lot of posts, so you won’t be inundated with emails!

The blog also links to my artwork photostream on Flickr, via the small slideshow you will see on the blogpage. I eventually will have a lot more work shown, as well as adding new things on a regular basis.

Thanks to you all for your interest!

Hugs, Diane

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