Garden Stone for Heart Association

Sharing what we do and create can be inspiring and helpful. So here is an open invitation to any guild member who would like to post a tutorial, share something you are working on, write a class review or share a gallery or museum viewing. Email me your write-up along with pictures and I will post it ASAP. Thank you, Toni Kelly

The following was sent in by Nadine.

Stone“Sending pics of the concrete heart garden stone I
finished this weekend, which will be one of 12
auctioned off at the American Heart Assn. Heart Ball
on February 9. This is not all what I had planned when
I was first asked to do this. I was going to do
something with flowers, but decided to let the
calligraphy be the “star”. The background was a happy
mistake – I tried brushing on the blue acrylic, didn’t
like how it looked and started dabbing with a paper
towel, ending up with a cloudy sky backdrop. The
surface was smooth enough that I could write with a

Nadine in Uniontown PA”


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