Tip: Mixing Dry Powder Pigments

Here is a tip from Denise:

Greetings, Calligraphy Friends!

I had to share this one, folks!

For those of us who have EVER tried to mix flour (a dry powder) with water (a liquid) to make GRAVY… you have likely learned that a WHISK is an indispensible tool … and adding the liquid a little at a time is an undeniable method… for preventing LUMPS!!
Well, if you are mixing up very small quantities of pigments (a dry powder) with gum arabic, water, etc. (a liquid), a TINY WHISK is a wonderful thing to have!


All it takes is a few loops of monofilament (like fishing line) with a few turns of tape to hold it all together. Works like a CHARM for those powder pigments that are very finicky about blending with liquid!!! Don’t forget to add your liquid a few drops at a
time. Just like making lumpless gravy! Yeah!!

tiny whisk

Happy writing!!
–Denice 🙂

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One Response to Tip: Mixing Dry Powder Pigments

  1. Toni says:

    What a great tip!

    if any other guild members want to share a tip just email me or Nicole.

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