Change of dates for Annie Barnhardt workshop.

Due to a scheduling conflict at CMU, the Guild has re-scheduled the Pencil Romans workshop from May 19-20 to June 9-10, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

So if you couldn’t make the May dates, perhaps June works better for you.

Registration form and payment must be received by Friday, June 2 to confirm your class space.

Annie Barnhardt Workshop:   Pencil Lettering

Pencil?  Yes!  Think of the pencil as the calligrapher’s comfort food! We’ve used it since we were little AND it erases! No fiddling with surly nibs, recalcitrant writing fluids, or picky pen angles —  we can immediately focus on form, proportion, ductus and family group. With pencil, line quality can easily be manipulated by the hardness or softness of the lead: hard and precise, soft and juicy, delicate or bold.

Roman capitals will be de-mystified in this class. We will build our capitals, step-by-step, simple shapes and lines, laying the foundation for more complex letterforms. Pressured strokes and serifs create surprisingly strong and elegant letterforms. In a series of structured exercises, we will push, pull and prod our letters into playful variations of the parent form.

Building on our new and renewed understanding of Roman Capitals we will learn a few techniques for using graphite, color pencil, and small pointed drawing markers, with emphasis on pressurized and built-up letterforms, working on both light and dark papers.

At the end of the workshop we will bind our practice sheets into a book.

Fee:  $100 for guild members, $120 for non-Guild members

Download Workshop Registration Form.

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