Myrna Rosen Workshop: “From The Ground Up” Part II

Saturday – Sunday, March 3–4 • 10 AM – 4 PM
Myrna’s ongoing “basics” workshop continues March 3–4. Even if you didn’t attend the first one, in December, feel free to sign up!

The December course covered lower case letterforms (minuscules). The March workshop will thoroughly examine classically proportioned Roman capitals (majuscules). This all-too-short course is roughly based on a 14-week course taught to beginner students in the Design School at Carnegie Mellon University. For those who have neglected our roots, or for real beginners, this course will be good discipline and/or review. It will also be excellent for teachers who may want to consider a new or different perspective.

Myrna says: “When Phil Mickelson approaches a tournament, he goes to his coach and asks, ‘Teach me to play golf.’ That’s how a super-pro considers his performance. Calligraphers are no different: we always must practice, especially the hard parts,” Supplies: all of the usual things in your tool box plus slant board, etc. A supplemental supply list will be sent to participants.

Registration form and payment must be sent to Lily Hoy by February 19. Workshop fee: $85 Guild Members / $105 Non-members.

Workshop Registration Form

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