Mike Gold workshop: “Contemporary Scripts”

Saturday-Sunday, April 14–15, 9 AM–5 PM
Lecture Saturday 7 PM

The class will look beyond traditional, formal hands to lettering that is more appropriate in contemporary personal, commercial, and fine art. Mike will offer some guiding design principles that will help in modifying or creating new lettering for a job or work of art. These principles also help us critique lettering and understand why it works and why it looks so fresh. We will use formal pointed and broad-pen scripts, as well as our own handwriting, as springboards to more contemporary scripts. Both freely drawn and built-up letterforms will be considered, exploring with a variety of tools, writing surfaces, and media. Our goal is to find ways to create unique lettering styles that beak many or all traditional rules, making work both personal and expressive.

1. Pads of paper:
Borden & Riley Triple T tracing paper
B&R Boris Layout Bond (or equivalents), 9×12”
2. Miscellaneous papers:
Various smooth and textured papers, white and color: Arches Text Wove, Bugra, Bristol, rough watercolor paper, whatever you have
3. Writing tools (don’t buy new; bring what you have)
Pentel Color Brush with black cartridge
Pointed brushes, Winsor-Newton Series 7 (1,3,5)
Oriental brushes, miscellaneous brushes you like
Assortment of pointed and broad pens
Recommend Mitchell 3,4,5,6
Flexible and stiff pointed nibs
Speedball C-1 through C-5
Automatic pens, medium to wide
4. Media
Higgins Eternal and/or Sumi ink and/or Walnut ink
Assortment of gouache, with black & white
Color inks (if you have)
5. Miscellaneous
Pencil, ruler, t-square, eraser, xacto, mixing brushes, water jar, apron
6. Favorite passages / quotes, if you wish

ABOUT MIKE GOLD: Mike has worked the last 15 years as a lettering artist at American Greetings. He has an M.A. in Visual Communications and 25 years’ experience as a commercial artist. Mike has taught around the country and at two international conferences with his friend and collaborator Judy Melvin. Collaboration has been a feature of much of his personal work. Mike’s work has been included in numerous Letter Arts Review annuals since 1991. Visit his website:

Registration form and payment must be sent to Lily Hoy by April 7. Workshop fee: $100 Guild Members / $120 Non-members.

Workshop Registration Form

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