“Guild Legends”

Regarding the article on “Guild Legends” in the Newsletter.  I would like to add to Lily Hoy’s comments on the history of the Christmas  Legends.  The first person to create the legends was Elizabeth Wrenn (Betty) Houston.  Betty was a student of Arnold Bank and taught for many years at PCA, then called the Arts and Crafts Center.  Both Myrna Rosen and I were her students.  At that time there were eight trees with legends as well as an “introductory” legend at the entrance of Architectural hall.  Betty did ALL of them — beautifully!  When Betty died the task was passed along to me.  That was about 1982.  During my tenure the trees dwindled to six and the introductory legend was eliminated. I created all the legends for, as well as I can remember, five or six years.  At the same time I created the booklets based on the legends for Senator John Heinz.  The booklets were given to his guests as favours at his Annual Christmas Celebration held in Architecture Hall. When I retired from doing the legends, Virginia Rust took over, however, I continued creating the booklets for the Senator, and after his unfortunate death, his wife Teresa.  It was after that, I believe, several Guild members took over.

Joan Goswell

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